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предложение кредита между физическими лицами

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Home We are here for the support of the most deprived and in the fight against poverty so we offer short, medium and long term. You have financial worries, You are in banking ban, ficha, or you are in need of finance to mount your projects,  of a home loan. We offer loans to individuals and businesses at a rate of 2% per year with the greatest speed and reliability. You get your loan 72 hours after your request and without protocols.  specify the amount of loan you need and your refund .   To begin the process of obtaining the loan as quickly as possible possible, please provide the following information: - NAME: - FIRST NAME: - Occupation: - The loan amount:. - The duration of the loan: - Monthly income : - Phone number : - Fixed home phone number: - Full address and country:  Any particular not serious I ask you to go very far I only lend to people who can repay me. Thanks for understanding .

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